Admission to first-cycle (Bachelor) university courses

If you are a non-EU student, please take as well notice of the additionnal criteria to submit an application for for the first year of a Bachelor course (Only for students of non-EU countries).

The following are eligible to take any first-cycle university course, apart from engineering courses:

  • Holders of an upper secondary school-leaving diploma (whether general, artistic or technical)

    • holders of a CESS (the Belgian upper secondary school-leaving diploma / certificat d'enseignement secondaire supérieur) issued after June 1994 by a full-time or adult education institution organised, funded or recognised by the French Community, the German Community, the French Community Selection Panel or the German Community Selection Panel;

    • holders of a DAES (a Belgian diploma attesting eligibility to higher education) issued before September 1993 by an approved secondary education institution of the French Community;

    • holders of a DAES (a Belgian diploma attesting eligibility to higher education) awarded by the French Community Selection Panel;

    • holders of an approved secondary school-leaving certificate issued by the Flemish Community or the Flemish Community Selection Panel.

  • Graduates of short-type full-time higher education courses or corresponding adult education courses;

  • Students having passed the university admission exam;

  • Students having passed the special admission exam for engineering sciences;

  • Holders of a European baccalaureate, an international baccalaureate or a baccalaureate issued by the SHAPE School in Casteau;

  • Holders of a certificate of equivalence for their foreign secondary school/high school diploma, issued by the French Community Ministry of Education.

The following are eligible to take first-cycle university courses in engineering sciences: students having passed a special admission exam held by universities providing such courses (for more information).

Important: Admission of students not resident in Belgium to Bachelor courses in Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, Veterinary medicine or Psychology and Education, the speech therapy specialisation is limited. For more details, click here.

More informating regarding the special entrance requirements (equivalence, admission exam, command of French...)