Admission to second-cycle (Master) courses

Governed by Articles 49 - 56 of the decree of 31 March 2004 defining higher education, promoting its integration into the European Higher Education Area and refinancing universities.

To be admitted to a second-cycle (Master) course, applicants must hold one of the following qualifications:

  • a first-cycle (Bachelor) degree in the same course

  • a second-cycle (Master) degree in a different specialisation

  • a university degree, with the academic authorities making admission dependent of the fulfilment of eventual supplementary conditions (max. 15 additional ECTS credits)

  • a long-type academic qualification, with the applicant becoming eligible via a Government decision and dependent on the supplementary conditions stipulated.

  • an academic qualification similar to those listed above, issued by the Flemish Community, the German-speaking Community, or by the Royal Military School, under the same conditions

  • a foreign academic qualification recognised as being equivalent to those listed under 1 - 4 in application of this decree, a European directive or an international agreement, under the same conditions.

  • a foreign degree or other qualification deemed by the selection panel to be comparable with those listed under 1 - 4, under the same conditions.

  • a non-university first-cycle academic qualification awarded in Belgium's French Community, as defined by Government decree and subject to supplementary conditions set by the decree and possibly to further conditions stipulated by the selection panel. These conditions may involve taking supplementary courses worth a maximum of 60 extra ECTS credits. When the additional requirements exceed 15 ECTS credits, a preparatory year is involved

  • personal or professional experience recognised by the selection panel in the context of an assessment procedure ("VAE") organised by the academic authorities

  • More informating regarding the special entrance requirements (equivalence, admission exam, command of French...)

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