Equivalence of foreign degrees other than in medicine

Equivalence of second-cycle Master degrees

The Equivalence Service (Higher education) of the French Community Education Ministry, is responsible for deciding on the equivalence of Master degrees.

In the case of a negative decision, the universities are able to establish equivalence on a lower level.

Obtaining equivalence of higher degrees is not necessary for submitting an application for admission to the university.

Equivalence of non-second cycle degrees and PhDs

The Universities have the responsibility of granting equivalence for higher degrees.

This recognition procedure is independent of that used for accepting students wanting to take a course.

It is used for example when equivalence is required in the context of looking for a job or assessing qualifications in the context of a pension application.

The selection panels assess the comparability between courses (or parts thereof) taken abroad to the academic degrees awarded by the ULB (except for Master quaifications which only the Ministry is entitled to issue (see specific details on this subject higher up).

The ULB may thus issue certificates of equivalence for the following academic qualifications:

  • First year Bachelor (BA1)

  • Second year Bachelor (BA2)

  • Bachelor degree

  • First year Master (MA1)

  • PhD


  • Download the formpdf

  • Fill it in

  • Attach all the documents specified on page 1.

  • Submit (upload) your application to the Admissions Department or send it by post (addresses are shown on the form).

  • The Admissions Department will pass on the applications to the selection panel concerned.

  • The selection panel decides on the application, issuing either a justified rejection or a certificate of equivalence.

  • This decision is then registered with the Admissions Department and sent to you by post and e-mail (a scanned copy of the decision will be sent while you wait for the original to arrive).