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You have other questions regarding the courses, the registration and the life at the ULB? Please consult the FAQ-page.

  • Some definitions:

Student of first generation : every student that is regularly enrolled in a first year of studies, who was never enrolled, in the sense of this decreet, in a study year in an establishement of higher education or registered for courses that figure in the program of a study year of these establishments.

Conditional access: means that the approval of the faculty selection panel is necessary in order to be able to register.

  • You have other questions regarding the procedure?

You may send us an e-mail at inscriptions@ulb.ac.be.

If you have already filled out the online application form we will be thankful if you mention your last name, first name and matricule number(000......).

We receive a lot of e-mails and it may be you have to be patient before having an answer. We thank you to not overload our mailboxes by sending the same e-mail several times.

Protection of private life: We are not authorised to give any information to a third party by e-mail, phone or in person regarding a student's file (admission, registration, ...), whatever the question may be.