Special admission exam for engineering courses (Polytech)

In addition to the General Entrance Requirements for Bachelor courses, admission to a (civil) engineering course is subject to applicants passing a special admission exam.
This exam is held by each of the four universities of the French Community of Belgium offering courses in (civil) engineering.

The programme of this special admission exam, the same in all four universities, is based on the secondary school maths programme (6 weekly sessions of 3rd degree maths).

In the context of a personal application for admission, the selection panel may exempt a candidate from this exam if he holds an appropriate academic qualification.

Passing the special admission exam in one of the four universities permits a student to register for a Bachelor course in (Civil) Engineering in any Faculty of Applied Science or polytechnic within Belgium's French Community.

All details on the exam and registering for it are available on the website of the Faculty of Applied Science-Special Admission Exam.