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Diploma and the diploma supplement

(Extracts from the “Bologna decree” of the French Community of Belgium)

Article 81. - Diplomas are signed by at least one academic person or his/her deputy, and by the president and the secretary of the examining board. Diplomas conform to the form set down by the Government. They make explicit reference to the accompanying diploma supplement. The minimum grades set down by the Government in application of the preceding paragraph are stated on the diploma in French. They may be supplemented by translations into another language when the diplomas are issued as part of a cooperation agreement on the organisation of study courses as defined in Article 29, § 2.

Article 82. - Diplomas are issued together with a diploma supplement listing the study courses taken by the student, the admission requirements and the assessments leading up to the academic degree conferred. The diploma supplement is signed by the secretary of the examining board. Elements of the supplement relating explicitly to each student can be set down in an appendix to the supplement. In such a case, only the appendix needs to be signed by the secretary of the examining board, with the general part of the supplement being certified by the institution. The diploma supplement conforms to the form and content set down by the Government. Irrespective of the diploma issuing modalities set down in Article 80, § 2.1, only one diploma supplement is issued.

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At ULB, the diploma supplement is issued automatically and free-of-charge.

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