Studying at ULB

Implementing the ECTS system at ULB

Statistics are calculated based on student marks over the previous 3 years, in order to determine a threshold for each letter – A through E – in terms of marks from 0 to 20 (only marks earned for completed courses (i.e. 10/20 or higher) or credited courses are taken into account, regardless of which exam period the student sat.

Thresholds are calculated for each faculty and for each programme (Bachelor or Master). The corresponding grading scales are automatically recalculated and published at the beginning of the academic year, before classes for the year to which they apply start.In order to fulfil transparency criteria for student mobility programmes, these thresholds can be viewed on each faculty’s website.

They will also be listed on the transcripts of both incoming and outgoing exchange students, as well as on the diploma supplement delivered to graduates.