Major prizes and honors awarded to members of the Faculty of Sciences

Nobel prize

Ilya Prigogine (Chemistry, 1977)

Fields Medal

Pierre Deligne (Mathematics, 1978) Graduate of the ULB

Francqui Prize

Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics:

Pierre Gaspard (Statistical Mechanics, 2006)
Marc Henneaux (Theoretical Physics, 2000)
François Englert (Theoretical Physics, 1982)
Radu Balescu (Theoretical Physics, 1970)
Ilya Prigogine (Chemistry and Theoretical Physics, 1955)
Frans-H. van den Dungen (Mechanics, 1946)
Jacques Errera (Chemistry physics, 1938)

Natural Sciences and Medicine:

Etienne Pays (Parasitology, 1996)
Jacques Urbain (Immunology, 1987)
René Thomas (Molecular Biology, Genetics, 1975)
Hubert Chantrenne (Molecular Biology, 1963)
Raymond Jeener (Molecular Biology, 1954)
Jean Brachet (Molecular Biology, 1948)

Wolf prize

International Prize - Physics

François Englert and Robert Brout (Physics, 2004)

International Prize - Mathematics

Pierre Deligne (2008) Graduate of the ULB
Jacques Tits (1993)

Abel prize

Pierre Deligne (Mathematics, 2013) Graduate of the ULB
Jacques Tits (Mathematics, 2008)

Balzan prize

Pierre Deligne (2008) Graduate of the ULB

Five-year prize of the FNRS

Exact sciences:

Albert Goldbeter (Chemistry, 2006-2010)
Jean Jeener (Physics, 1986-1990)
Pierre Deligne (Mathematics, 1971-1975) Graduate of the ULB
Ilya Prigogine (Chemistry, 1961-1965)

Natural and Medical Sciences:

Etienne Pays (Parasitology, 1996-2000)
René Thomas (Molecular biology, 1981-1985)
Hubert Chantrenne (Molecular biology, 1976-1980)

European Research Council (ERC)

Advanced Grant

Marc Henneaux (Theoretical Physics, 2016)
Etienne Pays (Molecular biology, 2015)
Marc Henneaux (Theoretical Physics, 2010)

Consolidator Grant

Samuel Fiorini (Mathematics, 2013)

Starting Grant

Nathan Goldman (Physics, 2016)
Geoffrey Compère (Physics, 2013)
Vinciane Debaille (Geology, 2013)
Antoine Gloria (Mathematics, 2013)
Jean-François Raskin (Computer Science, 2011)
Frédéric Bourgeois (Mathematics, 2009) project transferred to the Université d'Orsay

Human Frontier Science Program (HFSP)

Joint Programmes Grants

Luc Vanhamme (Parasitology, 2004)