Les relations internationales de l'ULB
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6 reasons for choosing ULB

Study and research



Apprendre le français

ULB is a French-speaking university. The teaching language is French, even if many Masters are offered in whole or in part in English, but all within a French-speaking environment.

Coming to study at ULB is a fantastic opportunity to learn French on a daily basis within the highly cosmopolitan world of Europe’s capital.

To meet the special language requirements of students from abroad, ULB offers a broad range of free French courses at every level, prior to and during the academic year.

L'ULB organise des tables de conversation en français ouvertes à tous les membres de la communauté universitaire. Elles sont animées par des "native speakers" et les sujets de discussion sont déterminés d'après les centres d'intérêt des participants.

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