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Joint Masters courses at ULB

The two most “international” Masters courses
(Requirement to go to several countries):

Euromaster in Urban Studies “4-cities”, in which students spend four-month periods in Brussels (ULB and VUB, Vienna (Universität Wien), Copenhagen (University of Copenhagen) and Madrid (Universidad Autonoma et Universidad Complutense). Students can register at the university of their choice and are then welcomed as Erasmus students at the other institutions. At the end they receive their degree from their own university and a certificate from all the participating universities.
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European Masters in the history and culture of food, set up in 2010 together with the universities of Bologna, Tours and Barcelona, and with assistance from VUB for the Brussels module. The principle is similar to the previous Masters, with the students registering in the university of their choice, but taking the theme-based modules in each of the partner universities.

  • 1) MA1 October/December: Université François-Rabelais de Tours => Production: The agri-food chain.

  • 2) MA1 February/March: Universitat de Barcelona => Consumption: Practice, ideologies and representation

  • 3) MA1 May/June: Università di Bologna => Transformation: Cooking and gastronomy

  • 4) MA2 October/December: ULB/VUB => Definitions: Standards and identities.

  • 5) MA2 January/June: Own university => internship or course, and dissertation

European Masters courses with obligatory mobility
(Requirement to go a partner university)

MSc, nuclear engineering

Students in this course take MA2 at the Institut National des Sciences et Techniques Nucléaires (INSTN) in Saclay or Cadarache, France, subject to acceptance of their applications. This is a specialised course in nuclear engineering. Students who choose this track obtain, in addition to a degree from ULB, the INSTN’s certificate of specialisation in Atomic Physics. The detailed programme is available from the Faculty’s secretariat.

Masters in modern languages and literature, with Slavic and German focus, European specialisation in the languages and cultures of Central Europe.

Students choosing this course spend a four-month period in MA2 at one of the partner universities to follow 30 ECTS course credits: Univerzita Komenského (Bratislava), Univerzita Karlova (Prague), Universität Wien (Vienna), Universytet Warszawski (Warsaw), Humboldt-Universität (Berlin), Ivan Franko National University (Lvov), and Andrássy Universität (Budapest)

Masters in Biology of organisms and ecology, specialising in the Biology of tropical vegetable environments (BEVT)

Project guided by Farid Dahdouh-Guebbas with Paris 6, the National Museum of Natural History, Paris, University of Dschang (Cameroon), and Sheik Anta Dipo University, Dakar (Senegal). Students take the shared core during the 1st four-month period of MA1, then leave for Africa for courses and a field school in the 2nd four-month period. In MA2 they have the choice of taking their optional courses at ULB or in Paris, then they come back to do their dissertation and defend it at ULB.

European Masters course with optional mobility
(Students can choose a course at ULB or a European specialisation / option / module during which they go to a partner university)

The Masters of in-depth economic science is available either in French or English. In the second version, the ENTER network of doctoral excellence offers students the possibility to apply for a European study trip in MA2. Destinations are Universidad Carlos III in Madrid, Universität Mannheim, University of Stockholm, and Université Toulouse I, Socials Sciences. Selected candidates spend the entire year at the host university, where they prepare their dissertation, which is jointly defended. Students receive a double degree, from ULB and from the university where they stayed.

The Masters in Political Science, with a specialty in the Politics and Society of Central Europe, Russia and the Caucasus, includes in MA2 a module of 30 ECTS credits that can be taken at ULB, or be replaced by an equivalent module at Universitatea Din Bucuresti (Romania) or Uniwersytet Wroclawski (Poland). Students who decide to visit one of the two partner universities receive a double degree.

As part of the MSc in Labour, the specialty in Organisation and Administration of Labour also exists as a European specialty that lets the student spend the second year of the Masters at the Universidad de Sevilla. The student obtains a double degree.

Also in Labour Sciences, the Social Development specialty that is given in an advanced timetable at the Charleroi campus, also exists as a European specialty in Social Development in which in MA2 the student travels to one of the member universities of the network: Universidad de Zaragoza, Université de Reims Champagne-Ardenne, or Université de Picardie Jules Verne, in Amiens. The exchange between ULB and the host university takes place through an Erasmus agreement.

The Masters of Art in Stage Entertainment , in parallel with its Performing Arts specialty, offers a European Specialty, during which the student spends one or two four-month periods (30 or 60 ECTS credits) as an Erasmus student at the universities of Berlin, Bologna, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, La Coruña, Caen, Nice, Paris 8, Seville, Stockholm, or Salonica. Joint international workshops are also part of the course. This Masters also exists in the form of an Erasmus Mundus course.

As part of the Masters in Anthropology the student who specialises in development anthropology can apply to take part in a European course. The student must submit a proposal for an Erasmus visit to a partner university, with the proposal for the field internship and the topic of the final dissertation. A certificate signed by all the universities that are members of the network is provided at the end of the course. Partners:

  • Katholieke Universiteit Leuven

  • Université catholique de Louvain

  • Université de Provence

  • Université libre de Bruxelles

  • Universiteit Leiden/African Studies Centre*

  • Uppsala Universitet

The Masters in Biocomputing and Modelling offers students, in a partnership with the Université Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris 6), to do a second four-month period in MA1 or MA2 in Paris, in place of 30 ECTS ULB course credits. More info…

Cooperation with VUB

MBA with specialty in Business and Technology

Organised 50/50 by ULB and VUB.

MSc in Information Technology Civil Engineering / MSc in IT

(Identical curriculum)
Possibility of a course entirely in English by importing some VUB modules that round off the ULB modules.

Bruface with VUB

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