Adapted accommodations

You wish to undertake studies but you live with a disability. The academic program is the same for everyone. Nevertheless, specific assistance, support, facilities etc. can be arranged for you, depending on your needs.
Any student living with a known deficiency, specific disorder of learning or a disabling disease and who wishes the implementation of reasonable arrangements has a possibility to introduce a disability recognition application.

For more information about this procedure, you may contact the Students and disability cell.

The University dorms (residences)

Nelson Residence


2 studios completely adapted for disabled students on the ground floor.
Rent :
- 304€/a month (rent) + 38€ (rental charges): single room
- 354€/a month (rent) + 45€ (rental charges) : studio
- Rental guarantee : one month of rent

Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Henri Lafontaine


2 individuel big rooms completely adapted for disabled students on the ground floor
Rent :
- 247€/a month (single room)
- 247€/a month (studio, per person)
- Rental guarantee : one month of rent

Elio Conte and Lucia de Brouckère

Deails Elio CONTEpdf et Details De Brouckèrepdf

- 2 individual big rooms completely adapted for disabled students
- Private shower and toilets
- Free Internet connection (Wi-Fi). Private telephone line

Rent :
- 304€ (rent) + 38€ (rental charges)
- Rental guarantee : one month of rent

Private partner residences

Private residence - STUDEO


Address: Rue de l’Eté 101-105, 1050 Ixelles.
99 studios including 4 apartments and one studio fully furnished for disabled students.
- Private equipped kitchen and bathrooms
- Wi-Fi


- Minimum 545 €, rental charges included

Private residence - Irena V


526 studios (2 studios are reserved and are fully adapted for disabled students),13 duplex and 9 apartments with one bedroom.
- Private shower, toilets and washbasin.
- Private equipped kitchen
- Telephone, television and Internet connection need to be provided by the student
- Individual electricity counter

Rent :
- Studios with a surface of 25 to 30 m² : from +/- 385 € to 455 € /a month
- Apartment for 2 students with a surface of 50 to 55 m²: from +/- 695 € to 725 €/a month
- Duplex for two students with a surface of 50 to 55 m²: : from +/- 645 € /a month

Services offered:
- Entrance doors only accessible with personalized magnetic cards
- Provided technical support permanently
- Administrative office on site
- Concierge service
- Washing machines (3€/wash) and dryers (2€/drying) available
- Possibility of renting a vacuum cleaners on ID card deposit (the loan period is one hour, each additional hour started will be charged 2,5€)
- Common room
- Possibility of renting cellars

When signing the contract, you will need: - Your ID card or passport, and your student card or proof of enrolment at the university
- Deposit documents completed by parents and a copy of their ID or passport.
- Renting guarantee: Studio: 700€ - Duplex/Apartment: 1000€
- Access card: 25€/card
- Third-party insurance: 30€ to 45€
- 1st month of rent: see “rent”
- Charges for the inventory (in and out): 40€ to 50€



6 studios are reserved and fully adapted for disabled students
- Surface of 30,38 m²
- Internet needs to be taken in charge by the student, at the supplier of his choice.

- 615€/a month (all rental charges included)

Accommodation for short period
International student