Office du Logement of the of ULB
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The database of the "Office du Logement"

What is a database?

A database if a tool allowing to store a large number of information related to a theme or an activity. Generally, these information are very well structured, and their basis is located in the same place and on the same support. This is usually computerized. The ULB owns her own database dedicated to housing. This database centralizes a wide selection of accommodations of any dimension, furnished or not.

Who can access the database of private accommodations of the ULB?

The database of the private accommodations managed by the ULB is exclusively reserved to the ULB students, teachers, researchers, interns,… For people who are not affiliated with the university, other sites can be very helpful, such as Immoweb, Immovlan, or Brukot.

How to access the database of private accommodations of the ULB ?

PTo have access to the housing database of the ULB, you simply need to identify yourself by creating a profile via this link. If you are already a student of the ULB, you only have to click on the link “direct access to the offers – identification by user name and password” and log in using your NetID and password to have directly access to our offers and announcements.

How to contact the owners ?

If you are a student at the ULB and you access the database, you will have direct access to the contact information of the owners, below every offer. However, if you do not have a student identification number, please send us an email to with the reference number of the offers you are interested in, so we can send you back the contact information of the owners concerned.

Are the private accommodations reliable?

The “Office du Logement” does its best to judge the quality of each private accommodation properly. We do to meticulous inspection of each accommodation before encoding it in our database. Therefore, each private accommodation is checked before being proposed to the users of our database.