La politique du logement


Each year, the ULB welcomes more than 24000 students, of whom 7000 want to live near the campus. Only 4000 requests can currently be satisfied: the university offers 1700 rooms (half managed by the university itself and the other half managed by partners), to which we can add accommodations proposed by private partners who wish to help our university.

There is indeed a recurring lack of accommodations to welcome our students, but also our researchers and the teachers we invite.

Rather than waiting passively for a sufficient refinancing of the higher education, the authorities chose to fully commit to the creation of useful solutions via a thoughtful and intelligent policy of student housing.

While clearly claiming a refinancing of the public higher education of minimum 7% of the GDP, the institution obviously chose to act in order to answer the student’s expectations and to mobilize for a financially approachable and high quality accommodation.

Carried by our values, our thinking was articulated around three axes:

- Responsibility, towards ambitious but clear and realistic goals.

- Transparency, by submitting any proposals discussed with the various university bodies to the approval of the participative structures of the ULB.

- Commitment, because the University wants to maintain control both over the management of its accommodations (attributions and fixation of the rents) and the daily management of the residences.


Bruxelles is nowadays the top student city in Belgium, with more than 75.000 students, all sectors and communities combined. Nearly a quarter of these students are enrolled at the ULB. In comparison, our housing supply represents, on all of its campus, 877 beds (intern management) and 783 beds (private management), making 1660 beds in total. We can add to this 40 private accommodations off-campus, which the university can grant thanks to special agreements, making a total of 1700 beds.

During its meeting of the 16th of January 2012, the board of directors of the ULB adopted a “Master plan of the University accommodation”, with the ambition to bring the capacity to 4600 beds by 2017. To achieve this, we need to lead different projects of renovation and construction and to find new partnerships with private real estate actors.

C’est un engagement particulièrement audacieux dans lequel l’ULB s’est investi à travers ses Autorités, pour ouvrir des piste nouvelles pour optimiser et accroître significativement notre offre de logements.

Concrete actions

The first effects of the Master plan are already tangible, as two new residences were opened in September 2012:

- The Elix residence (Address: 94 Chaussée de Boondael, Ixelles), offering 105 rooms (including 24 double rooms)

- The boarding school of Forest (Address: 48 rue de Bourgogne), has made 70 rooms available for the academic year 2015-2016, including 15 exclusively reserved to students coming from development cooperation program, for short or medium stays.

- Since 2013, the residence Nelson Mandela, entirely renovated, offers 240 rooms (26/floor), single rooms or studios.

- Our next steps will be the construction of a building providing 60 new accommodations (address: avenue Buyl, Ixelles), and two new residences in Erasme, to create respectively 250 and 500 new accommodations. Their opening is scheduled for September 2017.

Official documents

Annexe n° 279 du CA du 21 mai 2012 - Les logements à l'ULB - Etat des lieux et projetspdf

Annexe n° 280 du CA du 21 mai 2012 - Projections financières projet "Emphytéose - Courses-Depage 1pdf

Annexe n°281 du CA du 21 mai 2012 - Argumentaire concernant la mise en emphythéose des Résidence Nelson Mandela et Lucia de Brouckèrepdf

Note adoptée en CASE le 15 mai 2012 relative au relogement des étudiants logeurs de la Résidence Nelson Mandela pdf

Annexe n° 360 - Convention avec l'internat de Forestpdf

Loyer 2012-2013 Internat Forest - ULBpdf

Annexe n° 391 - Convention entre l'ULB et l'asbl JOBELIX concernant les logements étudiants dans le home Van Aapdf