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Summer School "Boostez votre carrière/Boost your career" 2018

(Version française)

For whom? For what?

The Summer School « Boostez votre carrière/Boost your career » is intended for ULB doctoral, post-doctoral and non permanent researchers willing to acquire tools to prepare and develop their career, in particular outside Academia.

The Summer School is held on four days (2x2 days). It is organised in French and in English.


Regostratop, for the Summer School is free but mandatory. It is open exclusively to ULB doctoral, post-doctoral and non permanent researchers. Deadline : 25 June 2018.

Should applications be higher than available places, the following priority criteria will apply:


Priority to researchers in their last year of grant/contract or unenmployed


Well-balanced distribution between doctoral, post-doctoral and non permanent researchers


Well-balanced distribution between the three main research fields (Humanities and Social Sciences, Science and Technology, Health Sciences)


Availability for another Summer School’s module (in accordance with priorities selected in the registration form)


Registration date and hour (first-come, first-served basis)

Content of the training

The 4-days interactive workshop "Job search, matching your skills and expectations" includes case studies, role-playing, simulations, concrete examples and exercises (evelator pitch, brainstorming). Its goals are:

  • Identify your skills and aspirations

  • Understand professional opportunities for PhD holders

  • Define your career goals

  • Prepare yourself for job search


  • Introduction on jobs market

  • Identify your aspirations and skills

  • Identify a job which matches your aspirations, your skills and the market's needs

  • Understanding jobs

  • Understanding the recruitment process - preparation of the intersession

  • Job interviews role-playing

  • Definition of your action plan: "actions to be done before starting the job search"

  • Adoc Talent Management – in French

    • 11 and 12 July 2018, from 9:30am to 5:30pm

    • 20 and 21 August 2018, from 9:30am to 5:30pm

      Number of participants : maximum 12.

  • ABG L'intelli'agence – in English

    • 16 and 17 July 2018, from 9am to 5pm

    • 23 and 24 August, from 9am to 5pm

    • Number of participants : maximum 14.


Registration in closed

Deadline: July 1, 2018

Peggy Maes