Economy, Finance, Management and et Public Policy

Economic development is a core concern for our societies, with finance playing a key role. For their part, public authorities, private-sector decision-makers and other social stakeholders are demanding to be better informed about the issues and mechanisms at work in these fields.

The ULB is actively developing research activities in these fields, of both a fundamental and applied nature. Approaches used vary from team to team and from their orientation (fundamental research / applied research), and range from modelling the behaviour of economic players (individuals, households, companies, public authorities) to their empirical validation, via the use of laboratory experiments, historical perspectives, qualitative and institutional analyses.

Moreover, several teams are actively involved in developing mathematical and statistical tools in the field of economics and finance.

All in all, the research teams working in the field of economics, management, finance and public policy cover a wide spectrum of issues, including the banking and finance sectors, competition policy and economic regulation, European integration, globalisation, regional development, the economies of developing countries, the labour market, education, health, the environment, entrepreneurship, marketing, innovation and RD, the non-commercial sector and HR management.

Main research projects (since 2010)

Actions de recherche concertée, ARC

Interuniversity Attraction Pole, IAP

European projects (7th Framework programme, > 200 Keuros)

  • GRASP: Growth And Sustainability Policies for Europe

Projects supported by the FNRS (> 200 k€)

  • Microfinance and intrahousehold behavior Microfinance, Comportement au sein de ménage et bien-être dans les pays en voie de développement: une approche longitudinale et expérimentale

Chair (> 200 k€)

  • Chaire Inbev - Baillet Latour: « Gestion de l'Erreur »

European programmes for the mobility of researchers (since 2008)

Erasmus Mundus Programme

  • Globalisation, the EU and Multilateralism

ITN Marie Curie

  • Dispute Settlement in Trade: Training in Law and Economics

  • Macroeconomics and Financial History

  • Training and Mobility Network for the Economic Analysis of Conflict

ERC Grants

  • Laurent Bouton, starting grant 2015

  • Bram De Rock, starting grant 2010: Revealed preference analysis of household consumption models

  • Patrick Legros, advanced grant 2014: Organizational Industrial Organization

  • Estelle Cantillon, starting grant 2008: Market Design and the Evolution of Markets

Main prizes and international recognition (since 1970)

  • Mathias Dewatripont, Francqui Prize 1998 (economy)