Mathematics and Statistics

Algebra, analysis, differential geometry, mathematical physics, probabilities, statistics, financial mathematics, solving under-determined problems - this diversity reflects the variety of research conducted these days in mathematics. Even if the public at large might sometimes think that the field of mathematics is "exhausted", this is by no means the case, with it continuing to constitute an extremely active research field.

At the ULB, mathematics research involves both fundamental and applied research. From partial differential equations to the theory of probabilities, via differential geometry and group theory, the various fundamental research subjects relate to some of today's most important unsolved questions.

These subjects are fully in tune with the outstanding tradition of the ULB School of Mathematics, as reflected by Théophile de Donder (1872-1957) and Théophile Lepage (1901-1991), or by Jacques Tits (born in 1930) and Pierre Deligne (born in 1944, Fields Medal in 1978), both of whom are former ULB students.

For its part, the work done in applied mathematics and statistics provides ULB researchers with state-of-the-art tools in a whole range of disciplines: actuarial science, theoretical physics, computer science, operations research, economics, finance, social sciences, public health, epidemiology, biostatistics, etc. In these various fields, specialised groups have been developed, working at the interface of mathematics research and discipline-related research.

Main research projects (since 2010)

Actions de recherche concertée, ARC

Interuniversity Attraction Pole, IAP

ERC Grants

  • Joel Fine, consolidator grant 2015, SymplecticEinstein

  • Antoine Gloria, starting grant 2013, Quantitative methods in stochastic homogenization

  • Samuel Fiorini, consolidator grant 2013, ForEFront - Frontiers of Extended Formulations

  • Frédéric Bourgeois, starting grant 2009, Legendrian contact homology and generating families (transfered to Université Paris-Sud) - finished

Main prizes and international recognition (since 1970)

  • Pierre Deligne, FNRS quinquennial prize 1971-5; Fields Medal 1978; Wolf Prize 2008; Abel Prize 2013

  • Jacques Tits, Wolf Prize 1993; Abel Prize 2008