European Studies, International Relations and Globalisation

The ULB profits from its location at Brussels for studying Europe. Back in 1963, it set up the Institute of European Studies, later to become a Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence.

All facets of European integration - law, the economy, politics, history and culture - are the subject of in-depth analysis. This sees researchers analysing for example the European Union institutions and politics, the interaction between national and European authorities, the history of the European construction, the development of European societies and mentalities or the internal policies of the European Union, such as migration policy, asylum policy, criminal policy, monetary policy, the set of rules and regulations linked to the Single Market or environmental legislation. They also look into the external relations of the European Union in the context of a wider analysis of global governance and regional integration.

This research focused on Europe is just one part of the ULB's overall research effort in the field of international relations and globalisation. Other fields studied in depth include issues relating to security, conflict resolution, maintaining peace, as well as developments in international public and private law and comparisons between different systems of national law.

Further research activities focus on specific geographical areas such as the Islamic world or Africa, looking both at concrete situations and the economic, legal and cultural dimensions of globalisation.

Main research projects (since 2010)

Actions de recherche concertée, ARC

European projects (7th Framework programme, > 200 Keuros)

  • GREEN: Global Re-ordering: Evolution through European Networks

  • EUROBROADMAP: European Union and the world seen from abroad

  • PEGGED: Politics, Economics and Global Governance: The European Dimensions

  • SURVEILLE: Surveillance: Ethical Issues, Legal Limitations, and Efficiency

  • Judicial Cooperation in matters of market integration and consumer welfare

European programmes for the mobility of researchers (since 2008)

Erasmus Mundus Programme

  • Globalisation, the EU and Multilateralism

Main prizes and international recognition (since 1970)

  • Eric Remacle et Paul Magnette, Exceptionnal Francqui Prize 2000 (études interdisciplinaires européennes)