Research projects funded by the "Anticipate" program at ULB

Backed by the Institut bruxellois pour la recherche scientifique (Innoviris), projects funded by the "Anticipate" program focus on the future and cover areas of importance to the Brussels Capital Region. The projects pay the appropriate attention to creating valuable research.

Logo de l'atcion "Anticipate" Anticipate program supports two-years projects, with a 2-year extension possible.
Call 2018

Cap-SMART: tourism and smart technologies

Project Cap-SMART studies the effect smart technologies on the tourism industry in Brussels, including in terms of employment. Read more

Co-Nature: nature and the city

Co-Nature aims to reconnect city and nature in Brussels. Read more

HyPer: access to water in Brussels

This research project aims to provide insight into issues related to water security in Brussels. Read more

Mirage: two invisible populations – social and political challenges

This project analyses the situation of female undocumented migrants working in elderly care in Brussels. Read more

SECUR: muslim youth in Brussels

Project SECUR aims to develop a comprehensive profile of the Muslim youth in Brussels. Read more

Call 2017

CONECI: promoting the circular economy in Brussels

CONECI studies the consumption habits of Brussels residents, with a view to promoting the circular economy within the Belgian capital. Read more

EmpowerYouth: civic engagement of young people in Brussels

The goal of this research project is to identify factors that promote or hinder the social and civic engagement of young people in Brussels. Read more

J&P: political engagement of youth

The goal of J&P is to assess the influence of civic education programmes on the political engagement of young people. Read more

p-lab: civic engagement for the pedestrian area in central Brussels

Project p-lab uses Brussels’ central pedestrian area as an open-air laboratory where researchers can observe and foster various forms of civic engagement. Read more

SUCIB: connected objects at the service of citizens

Project SUCIB (Smart Urban Community Interaction Blocks) looks into how new technologies, especially connected objects (Internet of things), can promote citizen engagement. Read more

Call 2016

EPRACO: promoting the collaborative economy

The goal of EPRACO is to better understand online collaborative practices within Brussels’ entrepreneurial ecosystem. Read more

Resibru: families leaving the city

The goal of project ResiBru is to identify Brussels families that are leaving the city. Read more

WEEESOC: recycling and professional integration

Project WEEESOC examines integration through employment in the field of recycling discarded electrical and electronic equipment. Read more

Call 2015

BRUCETRA: the potential of the waste streams

BRUCETRA research project aims to analyze the economic and environmental potential of the waste streams in the Brussels Capital Region. Read more

ServiceBrussels: advanced services in Brussels

This research project focuses on the presence and evolution of advanced services in the city of Brussels. Read more

Updated on March 28, 2019