Promoting the collaborative economy

The goal of EPRACO is to better understand online collaborative practices within Brussels’ entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The term ‘collaborative economy’ refers to networks of individuals and communities that reshape the way in which we produce, consume, finance, and learn.

Research project EPRACO attempts to better understand collaborative practices in Brussels’ entrepreneurial ecosystem, and especially the role of online collaboration platforms. Its main goal is to determine how a public organisation whose purpose is to support entrepreneurs can foster collaboration in the area of entrepreneurship in Brussels. In order to achieve this, the project’s coordinators believe it is essential they gain more insight into the network of entrepreneurs in Brussels—including their collaboration processes—and examine the practices and mechanisms used on online collaborative platforms.

End of the project : September 2020 (Call Anticipate-2016)

ULB partners

Nicolas van Zeebroeck & Julien Gossé
iCite - Solvay Brussels School of Economics & Management

Other partners

Institute for Language and Communication / Laboratory for the Analysis of Organisations’ Communication Systems & Social Media Lab (UCL).

Created on March 26, 2019