Muslim youth in Brussels

Project SECUR aims to develop a comprehensive profile of the Muslim youth in Brussels.

Young Muslim residents of Brussels are at the heart of many public policies (employment, education, training, prevention of radicalisation, social cohesion, safety, etc.), but little reliable scientific data is available regarding this segment of the population.

The goal of project SECUR is to make an accurate profile of the Muslim youth of Brussels, looking at their hopes, their identity as Belgians, as Bruxellois, as foreigners (or as locals), as Muslims, as devout practitioners of their faith (or not), their education at school and their contacts with the workforce, their vision of the urban space, their reactions to stereotypes about them, etc.

The young people are involved in the data collection process, and at the end of the project the researchers will make suggestions on how to adjust public policies in Brussels that deal with this demographic.

End of the project : end 2020
(Call Anticipate-2018, 2-year extension possible)

ULB partner

Corinne Torrekens
GERME, Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences

Other partners

Created on March 26, 2019