This research project focuses on the presence and evolution of advanced services in the city of Brussels.

The tertiary sector constitutes a key component of the metropolitan labor market. The project ServiceBrussels examines the question of what the future of Brussels as an advanced business services center (financial services, legal services, accountancy and audit, management consultancy, advertising, and ICT) will be.

Researchers’ hypothesis is that urban clusters of advanced services will maintain a comparative advantage to Brussels, regarding its position in the country and within the global network of world cities. More labor-intensive and routinized activities will more easily relocate to the edge of the city and beyond.

To tackle this hypothesis, researchers aim to produce a mapping of the spatiotemporal dynamics of advanced services. They will then analyze the changing content and organization of advanced services employment in order to explain the shifting economic geography of specific sectors. In-depth case studies will focus on financial center dynamics, as well as on the advanced services complex around the European Institutions.

End of the project : December 2019 (Call Anticipate-2015)

ULB partner

Gilles Van Hamme
IGEAT, Faculty of Sciences

Other partners

Cosmopolis-VUB (coordinateur)

Created on March 26, 2019