Citizens’ skills at the service of the community

How to deploy citizens’ skills and resources in order to promote and support collective grassroots initiatives?

CitizenDev experiments with a new form of urban development that aims to collectively find solutions (together with researchers, associations and citizens) to societal challenges such as the structural dismantling of the salaried workforce, the disrupted relationship with the political class, the denial of cultural recognition and the difficulties that certain residents of Brussels experience considering themselves involved in shaping their living environment; all these result in processes of social and psycho-affective disaffiliation that affect part of the population.

The project is based on the concept of asset-based community development (ABCD), which, starting with an inventory of the capacities of citizens and other resources in the community or neighbourhood, encourages the emergence of collective initiatives. This approach is completed by the method of group analysis, which, without denying conflicts, enables articulating these initiatives at different scales and with different players.

Action Co-Create 2017-2020


ULB partner

Christine Schaut
Sacha, Faculty of Architecture

Other partners

Centre d'Etude Sociologique, Université Saint-Louis

Created on July 23, 2019