Improving the processing of organic waste through co-creation

Opération Phosphore is a co-creation project involving citizens, scientists and public authorities, whose goal is to promote and improve the collection, processing and utilization of organic waste.

Partners of the consortium leverage their expertise and knowledge to identify the most innovative players in Brussels and enable the co-creation of transformation scenarios for the Brussels waste management system.

The project draws inspiration from and supports players who have found innovative ways to manage their organic waste and make it into a resource. Opération Phosphore intends to give momentum to ‘bottom-up’ approaches and build bridges between industrial processing and local solutions. The goal is to disseminate these practices and to grow the Phosphore community.

Many techniques exist to utilize organic waste at a local scale; unfortunately, these are neither well known nor well tested. Depending on the context (players involved, type of waste, etc.), a number of possibilities exist. This section defines the various techniques possible, explains how they work and presents players who already use them in Brussels and elsewhere.

Action Co-Create 2017-2020


ULB partner

LoUIsE, Faculté d’Architecture

Other partners

Centre d’écologie urbaine
Bruxelles Environnement
Bruxelles Propreté
Administration communale de Schaerbeek
Refresh XL
Worms asbl.

Created on July 23, 2019