Building resilience through participatory research

The Resilient Retail for Brussels (REREB) project ambitions to make retail in the Brussels-Capital Region more resilient.

A resilient business is one that is able to cope with minor or major setbacks, by resisting, adapting and even seizing opportunities that may arise. It can also adjust to how consumption patterns evolve on a longer time scale. The research team looks into the challenges faced by retailers in their daily activities, as well as into their level of vulnerability to these various disruptions and evolutions.

The goal is to identify and test ideas for concrete solutions that could increase retailers’ ability to adapt. How? By applying the principles of participatory research and by promoting exchanges between the various players involved in retail, in order to collectively develop innovative solutions that can be tested by—or with—retailers in the region.

Action Co-Create 2017-2020

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Benjamin Wayens
IGEAT, Faculty of Sciences

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Created on July 23, 2019