Wood as a factor of social cohesion

Could the management of wood as a material be improved by having it reappropriated by the community and local players, resulting in increased social cohesion in the Heyvaert neighbourhood in Molenbeek?

The goal of research-action project WIM (Wood in Molenbeek) is to improve resilience in the neighbourhood by founding a creative and productive Living Lab in collaboration with the area’s residents. Building on the analysis of local wood resources, conducted by researchers at the Brussels School of Engineering (A. Athanassiadis and V. Ooghe, ULB), the WIM project has opened an open and participatory space intended to give wood a new life while also meeting needs within the neighbourhood.

The Living Lab has the tools and skilled people available to stimulate citizen-centric creation. The idea is to start from the actual situation on the ground in order to understand the citizens’ needs and create a project in which the reappropriation of wood is a means of expression, realization, contact and co-creation of a system for the local management and utilization of this resource.

Action Co-Create 2017-2020


ULB partner

Victor Ooghe
BATir, Brussels School of Engineering

Other partners

Commune de Molenbeek
Laap (UCL)
Energies et Ressources

Created on July 23, 2019