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The Language Plan (Plan Langues)

The ULB "Plan Langues" (Language Plan) aims to help our “non-specialist” students (i.e. students who do not study for a degree in modern languages) reach B1 in Dutch, English or French as a foreign language at the end of the bachelor’s degree. 

The "Plan Langues" is divided into compulsory courses that are part of the students’ curriculum and vary from faculty to faculty.  The faculties that take part in the "Plan Langues" are the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management, the Polytechnic School of Brussels, the Faculty of Psychology and Education, the Faculty of Languages, Translation and Communication, the Faculty of Law and Criminology, the Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences, and the Science Faculty.

To help our students improve in the long term, we offer them the possibility of attending extra language classes in addition to their curricular courses. These classes are free and taught on the Solbosch campus by F9 Languages in Brussels.

Updated on May 6, 2019