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ULB Welcome Desk for Refugees

The Welcome Desk for Refugees helps all refugee students with their administrative procedures before, during, and after their enrolment at ULB. It has a designated person of contact within each of our faculties. Refugee students also receive help finding housing and obtaining scholarships.

The main concerns of young refugee students who wish to pursue academic studies in Belgium are related to administrative support (for degree equivalencies and admission tests), learning French—and, for certain students, English—, help with enrolment, understanding Belgium's academic system, tuition fees, and finding accommodation. As a result, ULB has decided to create a structure offering a first line of support to these refugee students.

The Welcome Desk for Refugees is at your service to

  • guide you through enrolment at ULB, whether as an ordinary student or as an auditor;
  • help you apply for a degree equivalency;
  • enroll you in French classes so that you may pass the French language test.

Fees may be waived for:

  • registration to the admission exam for academic studies;
  • registration to the French proficiency exam (students may sit this exam twice in a single academic year);
  • tuition as an auditor, depending on the number of courses determined by the host university, including French as a foreign language courses.

Who is eligible?

Applicants must meet one the following criteria:
  • be asylum-seekers in Belgium; or
  • be covered by subsidiary protection; or
  • have received refugee status in Belgium no earlier than January 1 of the year preceding the academic year they are applying for.

Other forms of support

Want to know about job prospects after your studies? Looking for resources to learn more? Bright Future (Be.Face) can put you in touch with a professional mentor who will share their experience with you.

INFORMATION AND APPOINTMENT: deskrefugees@ulb.ac.be
PHONE: +32 (0)2 650 22 21
Updated on March 6, 2019