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Partners and networks

Partnerships and networks

As a multicultural university, international relations is a daily reality for ULB, one of the most cosmopolitan Belgian universities, where multilingualism and multiculturalism intermingle in a vibrant environment where everyone feels at home. Our outward-looking stance to Europe and the world has resulted in the setting up of a number of agreements, collaborations and strategic partnerships with some of the world's top universities.

Brussels University Alliance

The Brussels University Alliance is an umbrella agreement between the ULB and the VUB, responsible for developing transversal activities and joint projects between the two universities. These collaborations mainly focus on the fields of teaching, research, missions of service to the community or infrastructures.

Strategic partners

ULB maintains strategic relations with about a dozen of the best universities in the world.

CIVIS - The European University Alliance

Eight European universities, including ULB, are joining forces to build a European University Alliance under the name CIVIS.


The G3 is a consortium of three leading French-speaking universities: the University of Geneva, the University of Montreal and the Université libre de Bruxelles.

International networks

ULB is involved in many scientific networks, whether at discipline, institutional, international, thematic level.

Hospital partners

ULB has its own academic and university hospital, the Erasme Hospital, and has built up a vast hospital network, of which the Queen Fabiola Children's University Hospital, Saint-Pierre, Brugmann and the Bordet Institute are the strongest links.