Focusing its support on its core academic and research missions, the University is directing its assistance as a matter of priority to hosting members of the international university community fleeing Ukraine, Russia and Belarus, who are of Ukrainian, Russian or Belarusian nationality or under international protection.


Furthermore, the University is organising support for the many initiatives undertaken by members of its community in favour of Ukrainian refugees.
ULB is extremely pleased and grateful for this surge of solidarity that is fully consistent with its values and tradition.

Members of the university community

Would you like to take action?

Any request or offer of action, support, or volunteering can be expressed on the TIME platform, made available by our non-profit organisation ULB Engagée:

Do you have accommodation available?

The ULB is going to match members of its community who are willing to host refugees welcomed by the University. A minimum hosting period of 6 months is sought. Prospective hosts can register online.

Make a donation

If you so desire and to the extent you are able, you can make a donation that will provide direct assistance to students, researchers, and teachers. Thank you for your generosity! Donate now. 

Updated on March 18, 2022