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Bachelor in Dentistry

Bachelor in Dentistry

This formation is taught in french.

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  • Programme title
    Bachelor in Dentistry
  • Programme mnemonic
  • Programme organised by
    • Faculty of Medicine
  • Degree type
  • Tier
    1th cycle
  • Field and branch of study
    Health/Dental sciences
  • Schedule type
  • Languages of instruction
  • Theoretical programme duration
    3 years
  • Campus
  • Category / Topic
    Health - Dental sciences
  • Jury President
    Stéphane LOURYAN (unit 1), Astrid VANDEN ABBEELE (units 2 and 3)
  • Jury Secretary
    Laurence LADRIERE (unit 1), Thierry CHARLES (units 2 and 3)


General information

Degree type


Theoretical programme duration

3 years

Learning language(s)


Schedule type




Category(ies) - Topic(s)

Health - Dental sciences

Organising faculty(s) and university(ies)

Student support

remediation during the first unit

Succeed in your studies

ULB offers a number of activities and resources that can help you develop a successful strategy before or during your studies.

You can make the transition to higher education easier by attending preparatory courses, summer classes, and information and orientation sessions, even before you start your studies at ULB.

During your studies, many people at ULB are there specifically to help you succeed: support staff in each faculty, (inter-)faculty guidance counsellors, tutors, and experts in academic methodology.


Fulfil your ambitions by working as a dental surgeon in a hospital or private surgery, by specialising in child dental care or in other areas, such orthodontology or periodontology.

theoretical courses, practical exercises

During your studies you will develop your powers of critical analysis and human qualities, especially through frequent contact with patients and other medical staff. As well as acquiring technical and scientific skills you will develop your powers of reflection and judgment.

You will have at your disposal an exceptional location comprising an ultra modern, high-performance hospital surrounded by classrooms, laboratories and a library.

You will also be able to do a wide range of work placements thanks to the hospital network that is in place.

During your studies you will have the opportunity to take part in university exchange programmes. As well as the possibility of taking part in the Erasmus programme, other types of work placements are also on offer, especially in third world countries.

Access conditions


What's next ?


If you go to do a Master in Dental Sciences, you will be able to work in the following fields :

  • Dentistry, within your field of specialisation (general dentistry, orthodontics, periodontics)

  • Any other post in the health sector requiring a scientific grounding

If you wish to do a different master’s, the following areas are open to you:

  • Biomedical Sciences

  • Public Health

  • Useful information

Despite the measures taken to limit access to the profession, if you are determined and if you have the requisite qualities and the vocation, you will always find a way of making a career in dentistry.

non professionalizing bachelor