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Chimie organique 2

academic year
The health crisis linked to the spread of Covid 19 and the social distancing measures taken by the Government, constitute grounds of force majeure constraining the University to adapt the assessment methods for some of the course units; Information on the terms for the second session will be provided to students through the usual information channels by July 10, 2020.

Course teacher(s)

Ivan JABIN (Coordinator)

ECTS credits


Language(s) of instruction


Course content

Nucleophilic substitution. Elimination. Electrophilic addition to C=C. Nucleophilic addition to carbonyl group. Reactions of enols and enolates. Unsaturated aldehydes and ketones. Electrophilic aromatic substitution. Oxydation of alcohols and aldehydes. Carboxylic acids and derivatives.

Objectives (and/or specific learning outcomes)

To understand the important reactions in organic chemistry.


Required courses

Courses requiring this course

Teaching methods and learning activities

Lectures, supervised exercices and practical work

References, bibliography, and recommended reading

Vollhaerdt and Schore, "Traité de chimie organique" (Ed De Boeck University); Clayden,Greeves, Warren and Wothers, "Organic Chemistry" (Ed De Boeck University).

Other information


Prof. I. Jabin - UD4.121 - ijabin@ulb.ac.be


Method(s) of evaluation

  • Other

Oral examination + Written examination

Mark calculation method (including weighting of intermediary marks)

Oral examination (50 %)

Written examination (20 %)

TP (30 %)

Language(s) of evaluation

  • french