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Bachelor in Engineering : Architecture

Bachelor in Engineering : Architecture

In order to access the Bachelor in Engineering (Civil Engineering or Architecture), students must have a certificate showing they have passed the special admission exam for this programme.

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  • Programme title
    Bachelor in Engineering : Architecture
  • Programme mnemonic
  • Programme organised by
    • Brussels School of Engineering
  • Degree type
  • Tier
    1th cycle
  • Field and branch of study
    Sciences and technics/Architecture and urban planning
  • Schedule type
  • Languages of instruction
  • Theoretical programme duration
    3 years
  • Campus
  • Category / Topic
    Art - Architecture/Sciences and technics - Sciences and technics
  • Jury President
    Philippe BOGAERTS
  • Jury Secretary
    Michel KINNAERT


General information

Degree type


Theoretical programme duration

3 years

Learning language(s)


Schedule type




Category(ies) - Topic(s)

Art - Architecture/Sciences and technics - Sciences and technics

Organising faculty(s) and university(ies)

Succeed in your studies

ULB offers a number of activities and resources that can help you develop a successful strategy before or during your studies.

You can make the transition to higher education easier by attending preparatory courses, summer classes, and information and orientation sessions, even before you start your studies at ULB.

During your studies, many people at ULB are there specifically to help you succeed: support staff in each faculty, (inter-)faculty guidance counsellors, tutors, and experts in academic methodology.


The programme aims at a parallel development and integration of the different aspects of construction engineering and architecture; and combines scientific rigor with projects in architectural engineering design and projects of science application.

From the first year onwards, the programme is presented in various teaching methods (from lectures to exercises and seminars), in which the architecture studio takes a central and dominant place.

The bachelor training in architectural engineering homogenously combines engineering courses and architecture sciences and brings together staff and students in Civil Engineering and Architectural Engineering from the Brussels School of Engineering and Architecture from the Architecture Faculty at ULB.

Students follow language courses (integrated teaching with architecture oriented courses) to allow them to follow the master programme in English. In the third block of bachelor, some courses are taught in English and shared with the VUB architectural engineering students.

Students success in their studies is a core objective at ULB. If you are having difficulties with a particular subject, we will provide help in the following ways:

  • additional explanations by our teaching staff and their assistants

  • specific assistance from student assistants

  • inter-faculty guidance on general topics

We invite you to discover :

  • a specialist laboratory for each discipline, providing hands-on illustrations of the subjcrédits of study;

  • the faculty libraries, the university central libraries (science and technical library, architecture library), its catalogues and online specialist subscriptions.

  • several computer rooms and studio seminars.

The Erasmus exchange programme is organized at Master level and allows students to continue their studies abroad either one term (four months) or a full academic year. The Brussels School of Engineering is also a member of the TIME network bringing together 40 of the best engineering schools in Europe. In this framework, double degree agreements were established, providing students with the opportunity to during both the third block of BA and the first block of MA study year (at the end of the MA students receive two master degrees: one from ULB and the other from the partner university).

The subsequent Master in Architectural Engineering is organised jointly with VUB. All MA courses are taught in English.

Access conditions


The study programme is based on a combination of theory lectures, exercises, seminars and architecture studios. The main teaching domains are:

  • Architecture studio and media: 67 ECTS

  • Architecture and construction sciences: 67 ECTS

  • Mathematics: 20 ECTS

  • Mechanics, physics, ...: 30 ECTS

What's next ?


The Bachelor degree in Architectural Engineering gives access to the Master in Architectural Engineering. The Master degree allows direct access to a broad range of professions in architecture and construction engineering, among which:

  • Architectural engineer

  • Architect

  • Consultant engineer

  • Research engineer

  • Engineer in a consultancy or architecture office

The Master in Architectural Engineering also prepares for a career in research in architectural engineering or architecture.