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Master in Computer science (60 credit)

  • academic year
Master in Computer science (60 credit)

The 2020-2021 programme is subject to change. It is provided for information purposes only.

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  • Programme title
    Master in Computer science (60 credit)
  • Programme mnemonic
  • Programme organised by
    • Faculty of Sciences
  • Degree type
    Masters 60 credits
  • Tier
    2nd cycle
  • Field and branch of study
    Sciences and technics/Sciences
  • Schedule type
    Evenings and weekends
  • Theoretical programme duration
  • Campus
    UMons Charleroi
  • Category / Topic
    Sciences and technics - Sciences
  • Jury President
  • Jury Secretary


General information

Degree type

Masters 60 crédits

Schedule type

Evenings and weekends


UMons Charleroi

Category(ies) - Topic(s)

Sciences and technics - Sciences

Organising faculty(s) and university(ies)


The Master in Computer Science is an academic programme intended for motivated adults who have completed secondary school or who have significant personal or professional experience in computer science. Its goal is to enable these students to play a key role in integrating new technologies in their work environment, or possibly to reorient their career towards a promising job, e.g. IT manager for a technical or administrative service, designer of IT systems, network administrator, webmaster, etc.

The evening and weekend Master is a full-time academic programme, with classes given by UMons and ULB professors and teachers.

Activities are organised into three groups: theoretical lecture classes, workshops that illustrate the concepts learned, and personal assignments. In addition to the theoretical knowledge required, the programme gives students the expertise that will enable them to work effectively in this industry.

Access conditions


The Université Libre de Bruxelles and the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Mons offer, as evening and weekend classes, a Master in Computer Science and a preparatory year leading up to it. UMons is in charge of the practical organisation of these two years of studies.

Master programmes can last one or two years, for 60 and 120 credits respectively. The programme offered as evening and weekend classes is a one-year, 60-credit Master.

What's next ?


Graduates have opportunities in many different areas: banking and insurance, software development, higher education, service providers, etc.

They can directly find work as:

  • Project leads

  • IT consultants

  • Managers of computer networks and resources

  • IT security architects

  • Instructors

  • Teachers