Sustainable commitments

ULB strongly believes that sustainability is a must, and a challenge for a globalized world; this is why it has made a number of commitments towards becoming a sustainable university in the future, taking into account current environmental, social, and economic issues.

Our sustainable commitments

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Vision & strategy

ULB is committed to tackling environmental and climate challenges, by taking part in building a society that is aware and respectful of socio-eco-systemic processes, nature, and the limitations of the Earth’s biosphere, while also pursuing social and economic justice, global equality, and a culture of peace for current and future generations.

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Today’s sustainability challenges cannot be tackled without increased and sustained efforts in terms of teaching. ULB offers general and specialized programmes dedicated to sustainable development, with a combination of theoretical and practical content.

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Through its cross-disciplinary approach of sustainable development, ULB plays an active part in building solutions for the future. All disciplines contribute to sustainability by developing many concrete projects.

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Campus management

In an effort to increase sustainability, ULB is implementing an environmental management system across all its campuses in order to reduce the negative impact of their activities and lower their carbon footprint.

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Social commitments

Because commitment and solidarity are among ULB’s core values, the University is always proactive and implements a policy of assistance and support on all major social issues.

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Find key data about ULB’s achievements towards a sustainable university. From food to mobility through waste management, all aspects of campus management take sustainability into account.

All indicators
of students cycle or walk to campus
remarkable trees on the Solbosch campus
waste recycling circuits
10,000 m²
of solar panels
water fountains
community vegetable gardens


Sustainable development at ULB involves concrete initiatives launched by various players in the university community. Thus, ULB’s commitment towards sustainable development takes on a number of different forms, covering all 17 of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

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ULB is a member of several international networks of higher education institutions from all around the world, working in synergy on issues related to sustainable development. These structures enable their members to interact and share ideas and best practices.

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Find contact information for the people involved in sustainability at ULB.

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