ULB has technology platforms which gather expertise and equipment that it makes available to private companies as well as to its own researchers. Each platform consists in teams from various laboratories, research institutes, or faculties, that can offer integrated services by combining cutting-edge equipment, technological expertise, and interdisciplinary scientific expertise. ULB currently has 12 technology platforms, most of which are active in the fields of life sciences and engineering.

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Analytical platform of the Faculty of Pharmacy – APFP

Mass spectrometry, liquid chromatography, FTIR, atomic absorption… Access a series of formulations and analytical solutions for your pharmaceutical and/or industrial products at the Analytical platform of the Faculty of Pharmacy (APFP).

Campus: ULB - La Plaine, Bruxelles
Contact: apfp@ulb.be

BRIGHTCore, Brussels Interuniversity Genomics High Throughtput Core

The BRIGHTCore platform offers next-generation sequencing, using cutting-edge equipment to perform genetic testing.

Campus: UZ Bruxelles, Jette
Contact: flibert@ulb.ac.be

CMMI - Centre for Microscopy and Molecular Imaging

CMMI offers an integrated high-performance platform for preclinical biomedical imaging: microscopy, DIAPath, in vivo imaging, multimodal image processing.

Campus: Biopark ULB Charleroi

Contact: info@cmmi.be

CRCN - Centre for Research in Cognition & Neurosciences

CRCN offers equipment dedicated to behavioural experiments.

Campus: ULB - Solbosch, Bruxelles
Contact: info@crcn.ulb.ac.be

CIREM - Instrumentation platform in nuclear magnetic resonance

CIREM is an instrumentation platform in nuclear magnetic resonance, making 1D and 2D 1H-13C measurements to analyse organic synthesis products, determine purity, perform quality control (QC), and check for regulatory compliance (REACH).

Campus: ULB - Solbosch et Plaine, Bruxelles
Contact: cirem@ulb.be

Flow cytometry - Erasme

The flow cytometry platform can perform signal transduction for applications in a variety of fields: biology, molecular genetics, molecular oncology, molecular enzymology and pharmacology, cell biology, theoretical modelling, development biology, and gene therapy.

Campus: ULB - Erasme, Bruxelles
Contact: christine.dubois@ulb.ac.be

Flow cytometry - Biopark Charleroi Brussels South

The Biopark’s flow cytometry platform offers: consulting in immunology; project support; multi-parameter analysis (16+ parameters); maturation and sorting of cells from specific populations.

Campus: Biopark ULB Charleroi
Contact: dtorres@ulb.ac.be

Functional neuroimaging platform

The functional neuroimaging platform enables experimental paradigms, data collection, signal processing, magnetoencephalography, and high-density electroencephalography.

Campus: ULB - Solbosch, Bruxelles
Contact: xdetiege@ulb.ac.be

LiMiF - Light Microscopy Facility

The LiMiF platform offers cutting-edge equipment and expertise in optical microscopy.
Keywords: LSM510NLO & multiphoton laser, wide field fluorescence microscope, Axioimager+apotome, LSM780 & multiphoton laser, LSM780NDD & multiphoton laser.

Campus: ULB - Erasme, Bruxelles
Contact: jmvdwin@ulb.ac.be

Micro-mili - Micrometric and millimetric systems

Experimental platform for the realization of micrometric and millimetric systems and for the analysis of transport phenomena taking place within these systems

Campus: ULB - Solbosch, La Plaine, USquare (Brussels)
Contact: micromilli@ulb.be

PANORAMA - Acquisition and digitisation platform for objects and locations in architecture, monuments, and archaeology

PANORAMA is an inter-faculty platform for 3D virtual imaging. It includes a technical facility, equipment, and multidisciplinary skills in archaeology, heritage conservation, architecture, engineering, and software engineering: 3D acquisition (photogrammetry, lasergrammetry, virtual visits) and data analysis.

Campus: ULB - Solbosch, Bruxelles
Contact: panorama@ulb.ac.be

Transgenesis platform

The transgenesis platform covers a variety of techniques: performing transgenesis, revitalising cryopreserved cell lines, IVF, transferring live embryos from foreign laboratories.

Campus: ULB - Erasme, Bruxelles
Contact: vanessa.depaepe@ulb.ac.be

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