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Academic success - Learning support

At ULB, your success is our priority. Not only do academic studies involve an entirely new way to learn, but they also cover more material than secondary school, and require that you become self-disciplined. All these factors, and others, could make your work as a student somewhat more challenging that what you were used to.

Each Faculty has developed a number of tools to support you, and you will find – both within the Faculties and at the ULB level – services and people who can help you navigate the various ways in which the University can assist you in your studies:

Do not hesitate to contact your Faculty office or the InfOR-études team to learn more about these opportunities for support.

Learning support 

Studying at university is a job that has to be learned. A number of schemes are provided to support you and help you become more independent thanks to the Learning Support Service (Service d’aide aux apprentissages – SAA). 
At the SAA, we can help you put in place effective learning strategies. 
Link to our activities (for ULB members only): the Virtual University in the SAA-ULB course 


  • Individual support (coaching - tutoring) or group support (workshop, methodological help group) 
  • Student profile analysis (entrance characteristics, diagnostic tests) 
  • Local branch of the SAA in each faculty 
  • Follow-up throughout the course


  • University methodology (memorising, summarising, note-taking…) 
  • Understanding the courses (preparing exercises, Q&As, preparing for exams) 
  • Self-management (motivation, regulation, stress management) 
  • Getting started with digital tools (skills assessment, Office suite, statistical tools, digital images) 
  • Developing your study project 

For whom? 

  • Students in the first year of a Bachelor's degree 
  • Students in the first year of a Master's degree 
  • Any students who need it 
  • Any students in difficulty 


  • On all campuses 
  • In every Faculty/Entity 


  • Free for ULB students 
  • Supervision by University professionals 

Location: ULB 
Info and contact:  saa@ulb.be 
Find your learning support advisor (for ULB members only): learning support advisor in my Faculty 
Updated on April 10, 2024