Promotion of success

At ULB, your success is our priority. Not only do academic studies involve an entirely new way to learn, but they also cover more material than secondary school, and require that you become self-disciplined. All these factors, and others, could make your work as a student somewhat more challenging that what you were used to.

Each Faculty has developed a number of tools to support you, and you will find – both within the Faculties and at the ULB level – services and people who can help you navigate the various ways in which the University can assist you in your studies:

  • an information and guidance service;
  • key people and Faculty coaches;
  • remedial courses;
  • guidance;
  • the Academic Methodology Centre (CMU);
  • online assignments to review what you have learned in secondary school;
  • information retrieval training (Sherpa project) and support for your research and projects (EUREKA service) in the ULB libraries (see below);
  • language tutoring at F9 Languages in Brussels (see below, ‘The Language Plan’);

Do not hesitate to contact your Faculty office or the InfOR-études service to learn more about these opportunities for support.

Resources and services

Libraries & learning centres

Based on an assessment of its students’ learning needs, ULB is currently deploying Library and Learning Centres on its campuses.

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Get help with French

ULB aims to improve the language skills of its international students and offers a wide range of French courses during the academic year and before it starts.

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Having trouble paying your tuition fees? Issues with your CPAS? Want to know more about funding your studies? Looking for a student job? Need help navigating the administrative processes?

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Updated on March 6, 2019