Impact on society

"Researchers have a duty to Transfer knowledge towards society at large, at least as much as towards students and colleagues" explains François Heinderyckx, Faculty of Letters, Translation and Communication.

Emmanuelle Bribosia - Faculty of Law - and Frank Pattyn - Faculty of Sciences - also talk about the impact of research on society. Watch videos.


What is science?

"We academics have a role to play. We must examine facts, decode them, and share our thoughts" – Andrea Rea, dean of the Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences, in an interview published in Le Soiron the day following the terrorist attacks in Brussels.

Interviews, editorials, conferences, social networks, etc.: what are the specificities of scientific expression? Watch the video.


Speaking up

Scientific research often affects us in ways we don't realise! Examples of how research impacts our daily lives can include an interview or an article in which a researcher helps us better understand a certain event; or an exhibition or a talk that sheds new light on a phenomenon; or a show that gives us food for thought about our own society; and so on.

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Are you gullible?

What is your response to fake news? Does fake news influence your judgement of events? Myrto Pantazi, Olivier Klein - Centre for Social and Cultural Psychology -, and Mikhail Kissine - Centre of Research in Linguistics - have studied the question.

They present the results of their research in a short video, and have created an online test where you can assess… your gullibility! Watch the video.


12 months, 12 experts

Politics, society, economics, law, science and health... 2018 was an eventful year, with its share of tragedies in Belgium, Europe, and across the world. We have chosen 12 major events and asked 12 ULB researchers to analyse them and put into scientific perspective these 12 months.

Our e-books 12 months, 12 experts (2018, 2017, 2016 and 2015 editions)


Research creates knowledge and contributes to shaping our everyday lives.

With its projects, equipment, expertise, and business creation, research is a player in the social, economic, and cultural development of the Brussels-Capital Region and Wallonia in general. You can find examples in the Projects and Innovation sections.