You will find important information for your safety as well as all emergency and rescue numbers at ULB.

Emergency lines

Open 24/7

If you experience or witness a medical emergency, an accident, or an assault, or if you have found a suspicious object, please contact our Protection and Safety unit (Service protection et sécurité).

From any ULB landline, please dial the following numbers as soon as possible:

  • 7 (Solbosch, La Plaine, Parentville, and Gosselies campuses )
  • 8888 (Erasme campus)
  • 112 (other campuses).

From a mobile phone:

  • +32 2 650 26 14

Explain the situation calmly and clearly, including location, and provide your name and telephone number.
Do not hesitate either to use - in case of emergency only - the yellow emergency phone boxes (on the Solbosch, Plaine and Erasmus campuses; camera and contact person 24 hours a day).

Other useful numbers

  • Poison centre – +32 70 245 245
  • Burn centre – +32 2 268 62 00
  • Police -101
  • Fire / Ambulance – 112
  • For questions on harassment: Students, please consult cash-e page (in FR)
  • SOS viol (anonymous and free freephone number) 0800 98 100 or by e-mail
  • Sexual violence treatment centre 02 535 45 42 or by e-mail

Vehicles on campuses

When driving on campus: please respect the speed limits and parking regulations.
In addition to the parking regulations, the traffic regulations apply: all vehicles (including motorbikes) may only be parked in clearly marked parking spaces. Paul Héger and Square Servais are pedestrian zones. In the event of parking infraction, the vehicle may be impounded at the offender's expense. In the event of obstruction to traffic, the vehicle will be systematically impounded. (minimum charge of 250€ + 25€ per day).

Lost and found

All lost items must be notified by email to Protection and Safety unit. Found items may also be brought to this unit.

Theft - Suspicous situations

All stolen items must also be notified to the Protection and Safety unit.
To avoid becoming a victim of theft:

  • Do not leave your belongings unattended
  • When you leave a room, even for a few minutes, lock it and always take your valuables with you.

To prevent the University from becoming a victim of theft, make sure that doors and windows are securely closed when you return home or temporarily leave your premises.
If someone seems suspicious to you, inform the Protection and Safety unit directly.
Do the same if you discover a suspicious object.


Service protection sécurité
Tel.: 02 650 2614
Mail:  or for vehicle/parking issues.
Updated on December 12, 2023