Grab a snack, sit down for coffee, enjoy a healthy organic meal, and even buy groceries! Learn about restaurants on ULB’s campuses, and shops in the neighbouring areas.

Some of our restaurants will reopen as per Monday, March 15. 
  • The Campouce sandwich shop, between 8AM and 2.30PM.
  • The sandwich shop of the Forum Erasmus, between 8AM and 2.30PM.
  • A sandwich dispenser bike will also be available in front of the Plaine forum, under the esplanade.



  • University restaurants

    • Chez Théo: a daily special, ‘smart’ meals, vegetarian meals, hot and cold meals, a salad bar, pizza, and pasta. On ‘Veggie Thursdays’, a special vegetarian meal is offered. Menu (in french)
    • Le Campouce: breakfast, salad bar, sandwiches, soup, home made desserts, yogurt, smoothies, fruit, and hot and cold drinks.
  • Snacking

    • Campouce 2 (sandwiches), Kaf Kaf 1 (sandwiches) and Kaf Kaf 2 (pasta), Petit Yoyo: sandwiches, pasta, hot drinks, pizza.
  • Shops

    • The Solbosch campus has a book shop : The Presses Universitaires de Bruxelles, a stationery shop, a copy centre, a bank, a travel agency, and an Oxfam shop, not to mention all kinds of shops in the surrounding area.
  • Local and organic produce market

    • Tuesdays, from 3 pm to 6.30 pm on avenue Paul Héger. Learn more

Location: all shops and restaurants are located in building F1.


  • Le Forum

    • A daily special, ‘smart’ meals, vegetarian meals, hot and cold meals, sandwiches, hot and cold drinks. Menu (in french)

Location: ‘Forum’ building ground floor


  • ‘Les Presses’ restaurant:

    • A wide selection of salads, soups, sandwiches, wraps, hot meals (including at least one vegetarian meal), and desserts; most products are sourced from organic and/or fair trade sources. Cakes, pastries, smoothies, coffee with sweet sides, and freshly squeezed juice.
      • Location: Quadrangle Building F
  • Self-service restaurant

    • Hot and cold meals, salad bar, pasta bar
  • Food Trucks

    • Location: Quadrangle and near building O

  • Shops in Hôpital Erasme

    • Ground floor: restaurant, sandwich shop, book shop, flower shop, bank, hairdresser
    • Shopping centre: restaurant, supermarket, sandwich shop, book shop, perfume shop, beauty and well-being shop, clothing shop, photo and copy centre, mutual health insurance office, travel agency
    • Organic market: Tuesdays, 12 pm to 4 pm, in front of building B.


  • Sandwich shop

    • Sandwiches, soup.

  • ‘L’Architecte’ restaurant

    • Eat, read, study, get together, or sit down for a cup of coffee, all the while contributing to the social initiatives of the Presses Universitaires de Bruxelles (PUB), benefiting ULB students.
      • Hours and menu available at

Location: Flagey campus


  • Gate Four

  • Hot meals, pasta, salad bar, sandwiches, pastries, hot and cold drinks
    • Location: ‘Point Centre’ (next to the IBMM)

Sustainable Food

Vegetarian and vegan

Going meatless at ULB is easy! Most on-campus restaurants offer vegetarian or vegan options.

  • ULB restaurants on the Solbosch (Chez Théo) and La Plaine (Le Forum) campuses offer a daily vegetarian meal.
  • On ‘Veggie Thursdays’, a special vegetarian meal is also offered. Learn more
  • Snacks and on-the-go food includes meatless or vegan sandwiches, pasta, and salad.

Responsible eating

ULB restaurants (Chez Théo, Campouce, Le Forum) are committed to offering eco-friendly food:

  • Zero palm oil
  • At least 50% of the fruits and vegetables offered are in season, with a higher percentage between June and September
  • On Wednesdays, Chez Théo offers local soup made with produce from Agricovert, a coop that also offers its products every Tuesday on the Solbosch campus market.
  • Fish species that are threatened by overfishing are banned from all food products offered at ULB.
  • The Oxfam shop on the Solbosch campus offers fair trade food products.

Local and in season

  • Every Tuesday, a local market offers in-season produce from organic or sustainable sources, on the Solbosch and Erasme campuses.


ULB restaurants (Chez Théo, Campouce, Le Forum) limit the use of products whose consumption should be curbed according to WHO guidelines.

  • Red meat is only offered once a week: in the daily special on Wednesdays.
  • Coconut oil is not used, due to its high saturated fat content.
  • Campouce offers organic products every day in its salad bar (green containers).


Let go of your plastic bottles: it’s cheaper and greener!

All restaurants have free water fountains. Fountains can also be found in several buildings on the Solbosch, La Plaine, Erasme, and Flagey campuses, meaning less waste and more savings!

Updated on March 10, 2021