The European Commission has awarded ULB the HR Excellence in Research label in recognition of its long-term commitment to the continuous improvement of working conditions and career development of researchers in accordance with the principles of the European Charter for Researchers.

Why commit to obtain the "HR Excellence in Research" label?

  • To meet the requirements of the European Research Area standards regarding the working conditions of researchers, including recruitment, and the continuous improvement of researchers' career development.
  • Strengthen a sustainable research ecosystem through a coherent strategy at institutional level.
  • Strengthen the attractiveness of ULB for researchers by promoting a stimulating and transparent working environment.
  • Strengthen international visibility. ULB joins a genuine pan-European network of researchers and research organisations bearing the HRS4R label.
  • Facilitate access to European funding.

Our strategy for human resources management in research

The HRS4R strategy includes initiatives for recruitment and selection in research. These initiatives are in line with the University’s policy for open, transparent, and merit-based recruitment.

Our HRS4R strategy 2013-2018 

ULB’s HRS4R strategy for 2013-2018 included 49 initiatives in the five following categories:

  • University missions and governance
  • Recruitment and selection or researchers
  • Status and career evolution of research staff
  • Working conditions
  • Internationalisation @ home

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Our HRS4R strategy 2018-2021 

ULB’s HRS4R strategy for 2018-2021 includes 42 initiatives in the four following categories:

  • Recruitment and welcoming of researchers
  • Development of online research management tools
  • Training and professional development of researchers
  • Open Science and research results and data management

Other priorities were also identified, such as improved communication within ULB regarding EURAXESS, the development of a diversity plan, proposals to improve the duration and completion of PhD programmes, increased availability of information in English for researchers, etc.

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Our HRS4R strategy 2022-2025 

The 2022-2025 plan includes a total of 41 new actions and 16 from the previous plan, divided into the following 6 areas

  • Communication
  • Mobility of researchers
  • Training and career development of researchers
  • Human Resources
  • Gender and Diversity
  • Open Science

Other priorities were also identified such as better communication about EURAXESS at ULB, the development of a diversity plan, proposals for improving the duration and success of the PhD, better availability of information in English for researchers, etc.

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Monitoring HRS4R 2022-2025 – February 2024
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Who implements the project?

Most ULB departments are involved in the implementation of the project. At the operational level, this is possible thanks to the monitoring of actions by one or more ULB staff members and the coordinating role of the project leader. In order to monitor the implementation of the strategy and oversee progress, an HRS4R Steering Committee meets regularly.

The members of the Steering Committee are:

  • Vice-Rector for Research and Valorisation (Chair of the Steering Committee)
  • Vice-Rector for Academic Policy and Career Management, in charge of diversity and gender policies,
  • Head of the Human Resources Department,
  • Head of the Research Administration Department,
  • Head of the Department of Communication and External Relations
  • Representative of the Library Department
  • Head of the HRS4R project at ULB (secretary of the steering committee).

An award-winning strategy

The European Commission requires that institutions that have been awarded the logo be audited every three years to assess progress against their action plan. Every second audit is followed by a visit from three international experts appointed by the European Commission. The last visit of the international experts to ULB took place on 19 March 2019. The positive evaluation of the experts led to the renewal of the "HR Excellence in research" logo in April 2019. Now, in 2022, the Commission has awarded the logo again and ULB expects a visit from the EC for 2025.


Updated on March 6, 2024