The University is implementing a strategy aiming to protect and manage its intellectual property and transfer its research results to society. ULB-TTO takes care of filing patents and trademarks, as well as protecting know-how and software.

ULB-TTO currently manages a portfolio of 112 active technologies, 80 of which are protected by a family of patents.
Companies that are interested in this may negotiate licensing contracts or collaboration agreements with the University, in order to develop available technologies and/or release them on the market.

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Compositions and methods for treating mycobacterial infections

Keywords: Tuberculosis, Mycobacterial infections treatment, MDR and XDR-Tuberculosis treatment, MDR-TB, XDR-TB, Screening tools

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Environmentally friendly plasma process for coatings

Keywords: Atmospheric plasma, Nanoparticules, coating, Surface treatment, Atmospheric plasma treatment, Material sciences, Nano layers, barrier layers, photocatalytic layers, Surface treatment and/or functionalisation

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Innovative formulations for inhalation to improve therapeutic outcomes of lung tumors

Keywords: Pulmonary drug delivery, Aerosolized chemotherap, Targeted therapy, Nanomedicine, Controlled-releas, Prolonged lung retention, Lung cancer

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Measuring high suspended matter loads concentrations

Keywords: Densitometric, Suspended sediment, Concentration,  Environmental metrology, Fluvial hydrometry, Water quality, River pollution, Sediment transport

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Method and system for the production of recombinant proteins by cells

Keywords: Micromolecular biology, Bioprocess engineering, Industrial, Biotechnology, Toxin-antitoxin systems, Genetic engineering

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Method for manufacturing ti alloys with enhanced strength-ductility balance

Keywords: Additive manufacturing, EBM, SLM, Titanium alloys, TA6V, Thermal process, Post-treatments

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Optical force transducer

Keywords: Medical device - Force Sensing - Force Feedback - Minimally invasive

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Rapid diagnostic for bacterial infections

Keywords: Bacterial infection, Rapid diagnostic, RNA, Patient blood, Antibiotic resistance

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Arnaud Quintens 
IP management and transfer unit ULB-TTO

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Updated on September 11, 2019