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Migration au-delà des préjugés (‘Migration beyond biases’)

Starting from a deconstruction of the most common biases about migration, a group of volunteers from the Université libre de Bruxelles and non-profit Conseil Jeunesse Développement (‘council of youth development’) offers activities and training sessions to promote living together.

Who are we?

Since the migrant crisis of 2015, project ‘Migration au-delà des préjugés’ has been gathering volunteers, with support from ULB and non-profit association Conseil Jeunesse Développement, to work on a common goal: develop tools dedicated to youth activities.

These tools are used in secondary schools, youth centres, and neighbourhood centres, as well as during specific events, in order to spark debates based on scientific data and thus give insight into the issue of migration.

All our activities are led by volunteers, among which are ULB students, researchers and teachers.

How to get involved as a volunteer?

Does the issue of migration make you want to take part in a meaningful project? Do you want to develop new skills? Do you want to meet new people in your university, but also in the world of schools and non-profit associations?

Then, join ‘Migration au-delà des préjugés’ as a volunteer!

Your role will be to lead activities in schools and youth centres, in order to dismantle biases about migration. Our team will provide you training at first, then coach you on the ground as you develop your skills.

What will I get out of my involvement?

By volunteering, you will be actively helping with a contemporary issue, depending on your means and availability. It also means gaining new skills: using specific tools, working as an instructor, working as part of a team, and speaking in public. Lastly, it means being guided and supported in your social involvement.

Schedule a session in your school or youth centre

Any secondary schools or youth centre may contact us for an on-site session. We will make the trip anywhere in Brussels and Wallonia, at no charge. All you need to do is make an appointment with one of our project coordinators; together we will discuss a topic you wish covered, as well as a schedule, and we’re off!

A web documentary to fight against prejudices

The collective continues its fight to deconstruct erroneous representations on asylum and migration through a 4-part web documentary aimed at 15-25 year olds.
The webdocumentary proposes to reflect critically and deconstruct representations on migration through games, exercises, videos, as well as a discussion forum. The web documentary promotes learning that is both fun and participatory, which can be carried out individually or in groups. It also effectively equips education and youth professionals who wish to tackle with their young people these constantly evolving, sensitive and extremely complex issues of society.

Updated on December 12, 2023