Bachelor, Master and Specialized master

Before accessing the application form, make sure to read the instructions :

1. Find your programme
2. Check the eligibility requirements
3. Adhere to the submission deadlines
4. Gather the required documents

In order to access to the application form, you must first create a MonULB account

After the creation of the account, you will have access to the online form that you have to fill in, in order to submit your application. 

Bruface Engineering

The Brussels Faculty of Engineering (in short "Bruface") is an initiative of two universities located in the centre of Brussels. The Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) and the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) jointly offer a broad spectrum of fully English taught master programmes in engineering.

Apply to a Buface programm

Bachelor in Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, Speech and Language Therapy

Limited-entry study programmes for non-resident students

Some programmes, known in French as ‘études contingentées’, limit the number of non-resident students who can enrol for the first time in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation.
The number of resident students enrolling in ULB programmes is not limited.

Medecine and Dentistry 

ULB Enrolment procedure Online application form
Limited-entry  15% of the total number of candidates who can be declared eligible
Entrance contest Mandatory, organised by ARES

Register for the entrance exam for medicine or dentistry

In order to study medicine or dentistry, you will have to register for the entrance exam on the ARES website.

New this year: the entrance exam will now take place on one single date. 

Registration at the ULB

You must also submit an application file to ULB via the online application form from the end of June, respecting the submission dates. The selection certificate for the entrance exam must then be uploaded to your application file in order to register at ULB.

Physiotherapy and Speech and Language Therapy

Limited-entry programmes 30% - random draw
ULB enrolment procedure Submission in person


Limited-entry programmes 20 % - random draw
ULB enrolment procedure Submission in person
In order to enrol in the Bachelor in Veterinary Medicine, you are required to pass the TOSS (orientation test for the healthcare sector). The TOSS is intended specifically for students who wish to enter a study programme in veterinary medicine.

More information on the french version


First enrolment

After defining—with your supervisor—your research project and a proposal for your supervisory panel, you should start building your enrolment application as soon as possible.

  • Applications for the academic year 2023-2024 
    After October 31, it will be possible to submit a late application for 2023-2024. To do so, you will need to justify the reasons for this late application by completing the "Late application justification" document.
  • Applications for the academic year 2024-2025
    Applications are now open.
    In order to prepare your file, you can upload the Supervisor's agreement which will be requested during your application.

To access the online application form, you must first create a MonULB account.

If you already have a MonULB account, log into the online application portal.


Individual courses and auditor students 

By enrolling as an auditor or for individual courses, you can attend classes at ULB without being a full-time student, or on top of a full-time study programme.

Auditor student

As an auditor student, you may attend lecture classes, but not take part in workshops or lab work.

You also may not sit exams. Consequently, as an auditor you may not earn any credits, and no degree or certificate is awarded to auditor students. Only a certificate of enrolment will be delivered.


Auditor student

Individual courses

Enrolling in individual courses enables you—provided you meet the relevant requirements—to attend lecture classes and take part in certain workshop or lab classes. However, it does not allow you to complete a work placement.

You may sit exams; however, passing exams for a series of individual courses will not result in your earning a degree or completing an academic year. If you pass exams for individual courses, you will be delivered a certificate of completion. 

Individual courses

Continuing education

Lifelong learning

Updated on April 18, 2024