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Aid, services, and support

Financial aid, decent housing, life on campus… ULB is at your side, and can lend a helping hand if you need it.

Financial and social aid

ULB helps its students throughout the year, offering various types of aid: one-time financial support or scholarships, reduced fees, student jobs, etc.

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Support for students with specific needs

The University pledges to do everything in its power—within the limits of its available resources and reasonable accommodations—to enable all students to access academic programmes without discrimination, while maintaining the high requirements that guarantee the value of the degrees it delivers.

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Accessibility for all

ULB is committed to making its campuses accessible to all, including to people with reduced mobility. Learn about the relevant facilities, services, and assistance.

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Need a job?

Making ends meet as a student can be a challenge. ULB has job offers for its students, based on their needs.

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In order to be successful at ULB, students and researchers must have housing that gives them comfort and quiet, at a reasonable cost.

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Assistance and support to students subjected to harassment risks

The Centre d'accompagnement et de soutien dans les risques de harcèlement envers les étudiants (cashe) helps ULB students who feel they are victims of moral or sexual harassment, incivility, intimidation or psychological pressure by offering them a listening ear and support.

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Campus life

ULB is not only a place to get an education, it also a city within the city, with countless activities and services.

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ULB does not forget parents, whether they are students, staff members, or unaffiliated to the University.
For very young children, it has a nursery on the Solbosch campus, and another on the Erasme campus (Hôpital Erasme).
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For older children, it offers athletic activities during school holidays through its non-profit association.
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Your opinion matters!

ULB is always concerned with improving the quality of the education it provides; this is why, for 40 years, it has been conducting regular evaluations of its teaching programmes. Students play an active part in the process, through the teaching assessment system.

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Updated on September 28, 2021