ULB Sports lets you take part in some 50 physical activities on the Solbosch and Erasme campuses.

ULB Sports

These activities include: team sports (rugby, basket-ball), individual sports (badminton, fencing), music classes (zumba, salsa, Body Sculpt) and much more (cheerleading, tai chi, etc.)!
Note that your mutual insurance company may contribute to the registration cost.

Find out our complete offering on ULB Sports' website (in french)

ULB Sports also offers:

  • For elite athlete students with specific needs:
    • ULB Sports can provide academic, athletic, and social support in order to help you combine your studies and your athletic career.
    • Are you a member of a sports club? Join us and proudly represent ULB in inter-university competitions!
  • ULB 10-kilometre race:
    • This friendly race is held every year, with proceeds going to scientific research at ULB.
    • More information: 10kmulb.org (in French)
Updated on March 11, 2019