ULB is committed to making its campuses accessible to all, including to people with reduced mobility. Learn about the relevant facilities, services, and assistance.

Campus access

Reaching the campuses

Learn about all the adapted means available to help you get to ULB’s campuses. Choose your campus or location:

Car parks

People with disabilities have unlimited access to ULB’s car parks.

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Specific accommodations

Specific accommodations (lifts, restrooms, auditoria) are made in order to ensure ULB’s campuses and buildings are accessible to all.

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Campus life


ULB’s libraries are accessible to people with specific needs (mobility, learning disabilities).

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Adapted housing

Certain rooms in the University’s halls of residence are specifically adapted to people with reduced mobility.

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ULB Sports

There are no sports activities specifically dedicated to people with disabilities. Do not hesitate to let ULB Sports know about your needs!

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Support, reception, guidance

Staff members and students with specific needs (reduced mobility, deficiencies, learning disabilities, disabling disease) may receive personalized guidance and support during their time at ULB.

  • The Staff Welfare Office offers help to staff members with disabilities, including in regard to employment support and equal opportunities.
    Find all information on the staff portal (restricted access).

  • Based on their situation, a student may be recognized as a Student with Specific Needs (SSN) and thus benefit from special measures to ensure their access to higher education.

Updated on April 10, 2024