Having trouble paying your tuition fees? Want to know more about funding your studies? Looking for a student job? Need help navigating the administrative processes?

Student Welfare Office (SWO)

The Student Welfare Office is there to welcome and support you throughout the year. Its staff will lend you an ear, tell you about your rights, and point you to the relevant departments. The SWO can also provide administrative support for other institutions (e.g. the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, CPAS, familyallowances, etc.).

Financial support

In addition it can offer financial support under various forms: contribution to the cost of your course materials, reduced rent, reimbursement of transportation costs, etc. Reduced tuition may also be granted under certain conditions.


If you apply for a room in a hall of residence, the SWS may put you on a priority list if you are in an unexpected and extraordinary situation. The SWS may also arrange for a discount on your rent.


ULBJob is the central hub where job offers are published for students who partially rely on their own income to meet their expenses. Students who must take time off their job during the exam revision period may qualify for an allowance that will compensate for lost revenue.

Transgender students

The Student Welfare Office gives transgender students the possibility to get their preferred name officially recognised at ULB. At any point during the academic year, you can simply visit the SWO's main office.

Students with specific needs

Students with specific needs (students with disabilities, illnesses, or learning disabilities, students working as artists or high-level athletes, student entrepreneurs) may also benefit from special support. Do not hesitate to contact the SWO if you have any concerns or to find whether you qualify for any benefits. You may also be directed to other ULB services, as appropriate.


Service Social Etudiants Tel.: +32 (0)2 650 2014 sse@ulb.be Campus du Solbosch - CP 185

Students with disabilities (CEFES-IN-ULB)

You may wish to enrol in a study programme and have specific needs related to a diagnosed deficiency, a specific learning disability or a debilitating illness, and you believe that this situation may have an impact on your studies. While the university curriculum is the same for all students, you are entitled to reasonable accommodations, specific aid, and support, depending in your needs. You may therefore request the status of Student with Specific Needs (SSN) or Student with a Disability (SWD).

More information : cefes.be (in French)

ULB Refugee Welcome Desk

The ULB Refugee Welcome Desk offers support to all students through all the steps involved in studying at ULB, both before and after enrolment. The Welcome Desk works in close collaboration with a contact person in each faculty.

More information

The ‘InfOR-études’ service

The advisers at InfOR-études can answer any question you might have about studies, student life, ULB services, the University’s study programmes, job prospects in each field, etc., at any time, all year long. Not sure what to study? Want to transfer to a different programme, or need help choosing the right master? Our team of advisers will provide informationand guidance throughout your academic career.

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InfOR-études Tel.: +32 (0)2 6503637 etudes@ulb.be Campus du Solbosch - CP 178
Building S, 4th floor – Room S.4.102 Avenue Buyl, 87A (Enter through the reception and registration lobby)

Student and visitor reception

  • From July 1 to September 30: Monday through Friday, 9.00-12.00 and 1.30-4.00.
  • From October 1 to June 30: Monday through Friday, 9.00-12.30, and Wednesday, 1.30-4.00.

Updated on June 29, 2021