Partner up with businesses

Researchers often collaborate with SMEs, large companies, and associations, including with regional or European research projects. They are also attentive to specific needs that businesses might express.

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Create spin-offs

Many researchers also have an entrepreneurial spirit, and some decide to create a spin-off company based on their innovation. ULB has 40 active spin-offs, mainly in biotechnology and engineering.

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Take part in the region's development

Innovation, technologies, and researcher expertise contribute to the economic, social, and cultural development of with regions where ULB is implanted: the Brussels-Capital Region, and Wallonia - especially Charleroi.


Be an active innovator

Research and innovation are tightly interwoven: no matter the field, researchers must be creative and innovative. Sometimes their work leads to the development of a new technology, and some new technologies are commercially viable. ULB is behind 115 technologies, more than 90 of which are protected by a series of patents.

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