International research

"As part of CLEAN-Gas - a Marie Curie project -, we work as a network of universities: ULB, Politecnico di Milano, Technische Universität Darmstadt, and Centrale Supélec" explains Alessandro Parente, Brussels School of Engineering.

Jean-Benoit Pilet - Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences - and Vinciane Debaille - Faculty of Sciences - also talk about the international research at ULB. Watch the videos.


Freedom of research

"Research is not set in stone; it's a dynamic process. This is why we can't get stuck in a pattern, because it makes progression possible" explains Cédric Blanpain, Faculty of Medicine. 

Dirk Jacobs – Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences – and Marc Henneaux - Faculty of Sciences – also talk about the freedom of research.


Research and society

"My research in law is certainly relevant to societal issues, and I even believe this is what gives it meaning. For instance, the Equality Law Clinic..." explains Emmanuelle Bribosia, Faculty of Law.

Frank Pattyn - Faculty of Sciences - and François Heinderyckx - Faculty of Letters, Translation and Communication - also talk about the impact of research on society. Watch the videos.


Interdisciplinary research

"In order to understand the today's complex world, scientific disciplines must always push their own limits; this is also how we must approach the many facets of migration" explains Andrea Rea, Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences.

Miriam Cnop, Faculty of Medicine and Olivier Klein, Faculty of Psychological Science and Education, also talk about interdisciplinary research. Watch the videos.

The Nobel Prize in Physics to François Englert

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