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Student societies and folklore

During their studies at ULB, students may take part in many activities by joining student societies. Folklore, socio-cultural, political: everyone will find a place where they belong!

Around sixty student societies are recognized by ULB’s Governing Body each year. Whether they are geared towards culture, politics, or student folklore, these societies play an important part in the energy and life of the University and its campuses. 

Folklore societies

Student folklore societies may be faculty-specific, interfaculty, or region-wide. Each year, they organize and preserve ULB’s traditional folklore: student baptisms, student parties (‘TD’), participation in the events of Saint-Verhaegen day, support for student guilds as they organize singing parties (‘cantus’). Outside of folklore activities, student societies also put together events and activities open to all: debates, conferences, sports, and cultural events. 

Some folklore societies can only be joined by students who undergo a period of ‘baptism’. Students looking to join the society (‘bleus’ and ‘bleuettes’) take part in many activities held during the first months of the academic year, leading up to a student baptism ceremony a few days before Saint-V. They are rewarded with a cap (‘penne’) with a long or short bill on the front, which identifies them as baptized students. 

Other societies do not require students to get baptized, allowing anyone to join. 
ULB’s folklore societies are coordinated by the association of student societies (ACE), which also acts as a mediator between the societies and the academic authorities. 
To learn more about folklore societies, please visit the ACE’s website or Facebook page, or meet them in person during the induction day for new students (JANE).

Socio-cultural and political societies

Other societies organize cultural and social activities on campus, or defend political or social views. Jazz, feminism, film, NGOs, ecological transition, antispecism, LGBTQI, or political movements: a great variety of opinions, passions, and social commitments are represented. 

Socio-cultural and political student societies collaborate within the inter-society association (AIC). 
To learn more about socio-cultural and political student societies, please visit the AIC’s website or Facebook page, or meet them in person during the induction day for new students (JANE).

Learn more about cultural societies and their workshops 

Updated on January 11, 2021